Food Service

Green Plate Foods offers a variety of delicious, all natural, nutrient rich cookie dough pucks, scoop and bake muffin batters and all natural fruit bites. Our food service products work perfectly for busy food service professionals to meet the rising demand for full flavored, clean ingredient, allergy friendly and dietary specific baked goods and snacks. 

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Our Ready to Go Products Are Ideal for:

  • HEALTHCARE – pack your patients with clean ingredient, nutrient healing foods that they will enjoy.

  • UNIVERSITIES – our products are loaded with brain power ingredients that will keep your students energized for hours.

  • QUICK SERVICE RESTAURANTS – show your customers that you care about them (and their waist lines) and treat your customers with our baked goods and fruit snacks.

  • IN-STORE BAKERIES- more consumers are becoming ingredient conscience and have specific dietary needs. Let us take the guess work out of recipe development and baking standards by bringing in our products under your brand!

  • HOSPITALITY – traveling can be harder on others than some. Show your guests that you care about them and treat them with our clean ingredient, allergy specific and specific dietary baked goods.

  • CONTRACT FOOD SERVICE + CATERING – great for all your catering needs so you can focus on all the other million things on your list.

  • TRAVEL – dress up your first class meals with a cookie, muffin or nubbler!

  • CORPORATE CATERING – treat your employees to our nutrient rich brain food that will protect them from the downside of sugar highs and keep everyone productive. Our treats + snacks are perfect way to enhance your health and wellness initiatives.