Chipotle + Green Plate Foods Says No to GMOs!

Chipotle No GMO video.png


HOUSTON, TX – Chipotle Mexican Grills are going that one step further when it comes to the trend toward healthy eating. Effective immediately, Chipotle only prepares food that is free of genetically engineered ingredients, or “GMO-free.” GMO stands for genetically modified organisms.


The chain has switched from using corn and soy harvested from plants that were genetically modified to be either herbicide resistant, or engineered to produce their own pesticide, keeping them safe from nasty pests, but possibly puts us at risk.


But why does that matter? Lisa Pounds runs Green Plate Foods, a food manufacturer that also focuses on finding sources for their ingredients that aren’t artificial or that include preservatives, and try their hardest to use non-GMO ingredients in their food as well. Pounds explains, “GMO foods and foods with just in general artificial ingredients have really been linked to a lot of cancer, and diabetes, the alarming rise in obesity, and food allergies. And while all the scientific evidence is not complete, everything is really pointing in that direction.”


The FDA says not to worry — they’ve looked at the studies, and say genetically modified food is safe for human consumption.


But Lisa says, “I don’t think the FDA has been conclusive in a lot of different things. I think its unfortunate that a lot of these GMOs and artificial ingredients are banned in other countries but are not banned in the United States yet.”


Chipotle joins a growing number of companies on the anti-GMO wagon. Whole Foods started a labeling campaign to be done by 2018, to label anything with GMOs.