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Our buddy, Barney Butter


When I started Green Plate Foods I knew, we had to strive to provide the best quality gluten-free products, which includes choosing the best ingredients to add into our of our savory treats. Finding the right ingredients for our nutrient dense treats with no gluten, yet add a rich touch, are extremely hard to find. For this reason, I am grateful to have found such a wonderful partner like Barney Butter, to ultimately create the healthiest (and most delicious!) gluten-free products at Green Plate Foods.

For those that don’t know, I like to include Barney’s Almond Butter in our Almond Butter + Sweet Potato cookies and Almond Butter Muffins. I particularly like this butter because it is packed with 14% of fiber, while regular peanut butter only contains 8%. It also contains less saturated fat than your regular peanut butter brands and includes essential minerals that are great for staying healthy. And while there is an array of Barney’s Almond Butter types to choose from, my favorite is the “Smooth” kind because it adds a delicious creamy touch to our Almond Butter + Sweet Potato cookies and Almond Butter Muffins. Not to mention, Barney’s Almond Butter is ideal for those allergic to peanut butter.


Barney’s Almond Butters also has no hydrogenated oils and are Non-GMO certified, which makes it Green Plate Foods approved! If you have not already tried our Almond Butter + Sweet Potato cookies or our Almond Butter Muffins, you can visit Green Plate Foods website and place an order online. If you’d like to receive updates on everything Green Plate Foods, subscribe to our newsletter here. You can also conveniently order Barney Almond Butter online, through their website. Barney Butter products are delightful and can be used on any dessert or snack. I highly recommend everyone to try this healthier alternative for those with peanut allergies or just to keep in the cabinet! A spoonful of Barney Butter is a great late night snack!

Remember to #CraveHealthy

- Lisa