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2015 The Year of Small Changes That Equal BIG Results!

90% of New Year’s Resolutions fail just a few days or a weeks into it. Why? Because the approach is all wrong. Trying to change too much and putting too much pressure on yourself. We are throwing out the idea of “resolutions” – and focusing on forming easy healthy habits one week at a time that will last and show great results.


1. Drink Your H20:

    • Water is the most important step to live a healthy lifestyle. You have to have it to survive. The rule of thumb is to take your body weight, divide it by 2 and that’s how many fluid ounces of water you should drink each day.

    • Try to drink it all throughout the day and be sure to have a glass before each meal.

    • If you get bored with plain water or are having trouble drinking all your fluid ounces, you can infuse your waters with sliced fruits, cucumbers or herbs. This is always another great way to take in extra minerals and vitamins from the fruits + veggies. If you like a little carbonation try using sparkling water. Click here to to check out some ideas to spice up your water.

2. Stay Away or Limit Certain Foods:

    • Sodas, fried foods, highly processed foods and alcohol. Did you know that one can of soda has 140 calories in it. If you only cut out one soda a day, that could equal almost 15 lbs lost in a year.

3. Read Your Labels:

    • Look out for items high in sugar, fats and sodium. Did you know that 4 grams of sugar = 1 teaspoon of sugar (or 1 sugar packet)? Items like sodas, yogurts, cereals are some foods that can be loaded with sugars.temp-post-image

    • A good rule of thumb when evaluating fat that I use is, the number of calories from fat should be 1/3rd of the total calories.

    • A healthy adult under the age of 51 should intake less than 2,300 mg of sodium a day. Anyone over the age of 51 or suffers from high blood pressure, diabetes or kidney issues should take in 1,500 mgs of sodium.

4. Portion Control:

    • Portions are key to making changes. Even if you consume too much fruit your body will store the excess sugars and convert them to fat. Tricks that I use at home is using a smaller plate with my meals. We all know that the portions at restaurants are too large - ask for a to-go box at the beginning of the meal to help stay on track.

5. Snack Smart:

    • Snacking is something as a nation we all do a lot of. Pick snacks that are high in fiber, made with whole grains + whole foods to help keep your feeling full longer. Also, be sure to use containers or baggies to portion out your snacks ahead of time.

    • Here are a few snack ideas we all do at the office:

      • Handful of nuts – great healthy fats

      • Apple slices with almond butter packets– refreshing, high in fiber, easy to carry around

      • Trail mix (Make your own: dry roasted nuts, dehydrated fruits (check for hidden sugars in your dehydrated fruit. Pick fruits that are sweetened by fruit juice, not sugar)

      • Cucumbers and dill greek yogurt dip or balsamic dressing

6. Got A Sweet Tooth?

    • Instead of reaching for the highly processed junk foods we came up with some great options to help satisfy your sweet tooth. Click here to get a full list of ideas!

      • Cut up fruit

      • Plain yogurt, low sugar granola, cinnamon + honey

      • Sliced apples, cinnamon + honey and bake/microwave

      • All of our snacks are made with fruit and/or veggie purees to reduce the needs for sugars, fats + oils. Click here to learn more about our crave-worthy snacks.

7. Little Substitutions = BIG Changes:

    • Try making little changes in your daily eating habits that will add up to big results. We came up with a few to show you how easy this can be. Click here to find some delicious recipes.

      • Quinoa vs. Rice

      • Red Cabbage/Lettuce Wraps vs. Flour Tortillas

      • Cauliflower or Sweet Potatoes Mash vs. Mashed Potatoes

8. Let’s Get Moving!

    • Movement is so important for our overall mental and physical health, but it is also important to help create real results. Find something that you enjoy doing for 45 minutes a day. It doesn’t have to be in a gym or all in one sitting. You can rollerblade, go for a walk, do laps in the pool, join a group classes, yoga, rowing, soccer, ballet, pilates or tennis. Whatever it is that gets you going, go and do it.

9. Make it Stick!

    • We all start with great expectations. Take three goals each month, write them down and put them in places you spend most of your time. Most importantly, find a support group or an accountability partner to help you when times are tough.

Our mission is to not only help everyone crave healthy foods, but is to also inspire people to crave living a healthy lifestyle. We are so excited to be part of your journey to your new you. We are here for you on this journey and would love to hear what your goals are for living a healthy and bright life! #cravehealthy


Healthy Regards,

Lisa Pounds